Welcome to Masturbears. This masturbation club is very popular among women. My name is Sjandra, your webmaster, who is in daily life a masturbation teacher and therapist. I teach 20 to 30 women in my class or in my garden. I teach teens, moms, grandmothers, mothers and teens together. In 2008 I started this masturbation club with a number of friends. A big success !

We are today in 2019 and we continue to grow. Every day we welcome new members from all over the world. We continuously receive new homemade masturbation films from our members. The secret of our success is our approach to sex: the female sexuality rules.

HD movie of my visit to Canada last Summer. A special event: Masturbating and cumming together with 62 girls! Many videos from our popular an annual recurring summer therapy.

Angela and Sophie We are a stepmother (44 years old) and stepdaughter (19 years old ). At our home we have always been very open minded. Every now and then, especially during our vacations, we masturbate together.Because our friendship is so intimate, it feels very natural.

Annouk 'I am a divorced yoga teacher. During the summer and spring I spend almost every weekend in my holiday home. Sometimes, alone, sometimes with a friend and sometimes with my sister. I love to masturbate into the wild ( alone or in good company). This smells like true freedom'.
This complete video in HD? all our mutual videos ?   all my outdoor videos ?

some of our members

Anal Masturbears Ejaculating Masturbears

"Dutch Mom. Thanks to this masturbation club I have discovered the joy of anal stimulation"

"I love to try new things for example anal masturbation with the rolling pin"

"My favorite: a long chord with anal beads deep in my ass"

Divorced milf from Danmark "Happy to show you my squirt techniques"

"An orgasm like a volcano. It sprays out"

"I always have a towel when I masturbate. Contact?"
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Social masturbears Extreme masturbears
British Students

" Our groups masturbation during our vacation in Portugal "
Australian Friends

"Last year We have followed Sjandras masturbation class, the summer therapy. This was so much fun!"

"Kyra and Sandy Step sisters, 21 and 19 years old. From time to time we masturbate and and we cum together"

51 years old from Texas. "I have an experienced pussy with a lot of stretch"

Mature female from Canada. "No cock is big enough for me, hence huge toys"

"Kinky Italian girl. I love anal masturbation with a cucucmber with extreme anal prolaspe as result"
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Older Masturbears Public and Outdoor Masturbears

"I joined this club together with my daughter-in-law. I make many masturbation self shots"

"48 years old. Sensual lady. My orgasms are always intense and long"

Granny with big tits. "I always suck my own nipples when I masturbate"

"A lady with daring masturbations. Such as a public park or a crowdy train compartment"

"Married housewife. During my holidays I masturbate on public beaches"

"Nothing like masturbation on a boat. So exciting that people can see me"
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Masturbears around the world
South Africa

44 years old BBW mom. I often let my sister-in-law film me. I have a round ass, big naturals and a squirting pussy"

"Muslim girl with a strong sexuality. It is nice to exchange experiences with other women"

"23 years old from Tokio. Sometimes I masturbate in the office "

"Mother of the Russian countryside. I love to film myself"

19 years old Desi girl From Bombay. "Sometimes I masturbate together with friends"

Open minded bisexual Latin mom, 40 years old. "I start every single day with masturbation"
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New member of masturbears   Vanessa Married mom and housewife from Florida. I spend a large part of the day naked in the garden. if I get horny, then I masturbate. sometimes the neighbor boy is watching me from his bedroom window. That makes it even more exciting. Since a few months I make recordings of my garden adventures and I would like to share with the fellow members of this club

Watch the masturbears who are today, Sun May 26  available at home, to show you their way of masturbation, to share with you their sexuality, to inspire other people.
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